Actions Menu

Customizable Actions Menu

Actions Menu

Here at Mythic Table we have drawn inspiration from a lot of different sources. With a history in game development, it’s natural that we would look there for inspiration. The Action Menu is an example of this.

Actions Menu Gif

This menu is a highly customizable, nested, and expressive menu system. The action menu is sensitive to your character selection in the same way you might expect a Realtime Strategy game to behave when selecting different units.

  • Tons of built-in icons.
  • Users can upload their own icons.
  • Expressive buttons indicate the following:
    • Enable/Disabled.
    • Counters.
    • Progress bars.
  • Cooldown timers.
  • Nested menus.
  • Easy to use functionality.
  • Powerful management tools.
  • Tags for generic and reusable actions.
August 03, 2020