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What is Mythic Table?

Mythic Table is a Non-profitOpen Source online platform for tabletop role-playing games. We are focused on building a modern user experience with unique usability features, high performance and flexibility. We will be hosting this service free of charge. No features will be locked behind paywalls. Show your support by joining our community and signing up for our Newsletter and have your voice heard.

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Be an owner, not a customer

Mythic Table has opened its source and its books because we want you to feel like your contribution is important. If you help fund Mythic Table or assist in development, you will see exactly how your contribution is used. You will also see our plans and our forecasts and you will have an opportunity to shape these. We believe in being open about everything and we’re proud to have a great community with whom to share this platform.

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Believe in us!

We know there are a lot of great options out there and more coming. However, Mythic Table is truly unique in not only vision, but in our philosophy and our business model. We want to be your virtual tabletop. We want you to feel like you're part of this project. We want the success of this project to set the standard for how apps are developed and how the companies collaborate with their public. Help us do this. Join the Newsletter and get active!

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This is a short list of the features that set Mythic Table apart.

Customizable Action Menu

This nested action menu is customizable and sensitive the selected actor. Add actions as simple as attacks and as complex as spells and inventory items.

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Expressive UI

Our vision is to express everything the play needs to know about the state of the game in the play area. The goal is to make sure players are focused on actions instead of a variety of windows, tabs, and popups.

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Game systems like Pathfinder and Dungeons&Dragons have complex modifier and conditions to track. Mythic Table will make this easy by handling it for you.

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Mythic Table streamlines actions while giving the GM the ability to quickly adjust the outcomes. Enabling players and GMs.

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