Mythic Table August 2020 Report

Where we are and where we are going

August marks the one year anniversary of our Open Source announcement. In this last year we have learned and adapted so much. We have had a lot of volunteers come and go, and we are very close to our first release. This was a great month for us. Continue reading to learn why.


  • A ton of new volunteers
  • Carl Gibson joins Mythic Table to be the QA Manager
  • Lucas Teng joins us an a UI Engineer
  • Huge progress on design and polish
  • No new completed features, but everything is in progress


As we approach the release of First Playable and wind down on the final User Stories, we’re finding a lot of usability and style issues. We’ve modified our process to account for our progress from a user’s perspective (User Stories) while allowing us to track some of these unplanned tasks. To do that we created the following:

  • 4 Bugs
  • 9 Polish tasks
  • 7 Improvement Projects

In this last month we’ve been able to complete:

  • 2 Stories
  • 2 Bugs
  • 3 Improvement Projects

In addition, all 4 remaining user stories are currently in progress.

Our major accomplishments include:

  • Carl Gibson joined Mythic Table as QA Manager, and he’s already made big strides in improving QA across Mythic Table, including defining a Acceptance Criteria process and bringing onboard additional volunteers to assist with QA
  • Lucas Teng has joined as a Frontend engineer with great design chops and he’s been doing a fantastic job with our UI
  • Devops improvements behind the scenes including switching our authentication platform to Keycloak for more stability and usability improvements
  • Significant development was completed on key features:

    • Chat and drawing tools
    • Scene selection improvements to Map screens
    • Usability and appearance improvements

This is how we’re currently tracking:

Chart 1: First Playable Feature Burndown



Our financial plan looks about the same as it did in our last report. Our Income for the month is $149.81, our Cost is -$392.45 and we are showing a negative balance of -$5,945.45.


Our goal is to become feature complete by the end of September, and start a slow roll out to a select group of users to gather feedback and to test our systems incrementally. These are exciting times and we’re looking forward to sharing what we’re built.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

James Hatheway
Co-founder and Director of Technology
Mythic Table Foundation

August 31, 2020