Mythic Table November 2020 Report

Where we are and where we are going

First Playable Success!

This monthly report for November, 2020, is packed with a number of exciting announcements.


  • The First Playable Announcement was a huge success
  • We did the Covenant House Vancouver Sleepout
  • Started the Yellow Alert Milestone
  • Established a partnership with Open Gaming Network (OGN)
  • Exciting Plans!!!

First Playable Update

We released the First Playable last month, but we had delayed global announcement and tried to coincide it with our Foundation’s birthday. It was a great success. Word spread quickly and we were overwhelmed with positive responses and words of encouragement. We couldn’t have been happier!

Unfortunately, our reach was not as wide as we had hoped so the financial success was very limited. That said, we did triple our Patrons and we have some big plans that might help us fund a full time development team. Read on to learn more.


Mythic Table has taken our role in the community and the world at large to heart. The very first initiative we’ve decided to embark on was to help the Covenant House Vancouver,, with their November 2020 Sleepout. We were a little late to register, but we were still able to raise over $1400. We had a great time and we’re looking forward to the February 2021 Sleepout.

Moving on, we’ve decided our next fund raising drive will be for Extra Life. We will help raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital. For this event we’re planning on streaming a 24 hour D&D or Pathfinder session. It’s going to be epic!

Yellow Alert

Since releasing the First Playable, we have decided to pay back a little of that technical debt we accrued. We have called this Milestone Yellow Alert as an homage to Star Trek. Yellow Alert is called when the crew must proceed carefully. For us, proceeding cautiously involved cleaning our code and improving our processes and tests. This is an important phase because technical debt greatly affects our ability to develop features quickly and accurately. We are excited to get started on this and we have high hopes for our results.

Open Gaming Network

One of the biggest surprises in November was meeting the Open Gaming Network team, We originally spoke about collaborating on an Open Game System Standard, but conversation quickly moved into a different direction and we started talking about how we might be able to work together in the future. We are overjoyed to have found kindred spirits in this space and look forward to building great tools together.

You can read more about this here:


We’re still in the process of updating our books and we’re hoping to have the financial reports back online by next month. For the time being, we’re still losing money. ;)


We are extremely excited to announce that we will be creating a Kickstarter with the assistance of OGN in hopes of greatly accelerating our development. We are in the process of planning what this will look like and we hope to have it done very soon. When it is ready will let everyone know.

Thanks again for your continued support and encouragement!!!

Marc Faulise Co-founder/Director - Mythic Table Foundation

November 30, 2020