Why Support Mythic Table?

If you are still unsure about supporting us, read this

Why Support Mythic Table?

Wondering why to support Mythic Table over all the other options that are out there? We have the following combination of offering which you won't find anywhere else:

  • We are 100% Open
  • We are a registered Non Profit Society
  • We are building a Modern Expressive UI to get out of the way of your story
  • We will work with publishers to build a digital rights solution to give you access to the content you already own
  • Content sharing and reuse will be at the core of our system
  • You will have the choice to self host or use our servers for playing your games
  • Mythic Table hopes to change the way product developers work with their customers

Believe in Us

If you want help this project grow with your support, read these pages to know how you could contribute:

July 10, 2020