Mythic Table January 2021 Report

Where we are and where we are going

New Year, New Us? - More Mythic Table At Least!

Hi Everyone,

This is the monthly report for January, 2021. We got right into things in the new year, having completed the Yellow Alert milestone. Read ahead to hear all about it, and see what’s coming next!


  • Yellow Alert milestone completed!
  • Community Chest milestone has been started
  • Faster release cadence with switch to monthly milestones

Milestones Progress

Yellow Alert Milestone Completed

After a lot of hard work, our dedicated team of contributors were able to close out the work on the Yellow Alert Milestone. This milestone allowed us to focus on a number of much needed code cleanup and process improvements that will allow us to make feature changes faster in the future. We also fixed a number of bugs and some polish changes around how grids worked.

Community Chest Milestone

The Yellow Alert milestone went so well, that we are planning to continue to do shorter, focused, monthly milestones going forward.

The next milestone that is planned is being called “Community Chest”, and is focusing around feature requests and suggestions that have come to us from the community - you! - mainly on our Discord server right now.

The major features that are planned for the Community Chest milestone are: Macro buttons, improved token status icon search, an improved grid experience, and rearrangeable menu sections.

Kickstarter Update

We are still working on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign that we announced in last month’s newsletter. Things are moving behind the scenes a bit slower than we had hoped, but we hope to be able to announce something soon.


We are still working with our new accounting director to finalize our new bookkeeping and reporting system, as we mentioned in last month’s report. Until we get this process completed, we will continue to release informal reports.

You can find the reports here:


We’re doing our best to continue making Mythic Table the best way to role play with your friends online, and we always appreciate it when you share our story. With our plans to switch to monthly milestones, we are hoping to get great new features into everyone’s hands quicker, and big things are coming with our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you so much for your faith in us!!

James Hatheway
Co-founder/Director Mythic Table Foundation

January 31, 2021