Mythic Table February 2021 Report

Where we are and where we are going

Mythic Table February 2021 Report

Hi Everyone,

This is the monthly report for February, 2021. The "Community Chest" milestone we’ve been working on ends today. While we have not accomplished all our planned steps for the milestone, we have made some important progress!


  • The Community Chest milestone is over but not all issues were closed.
  • Some improvements made:

    • We put up a Discord LFG Channel
    • Usability improvements were made to the campaign top left menu
    • Work done to integrate a CMS to better create web content
  • New features were worked on:

    • Improved Grid Experience
    • Macro Buttons
  • The Mythic Table Team slept outside for charity, in support of Covenant House BC!

Milestones Progress

Community Chest Milestone Completed

This milestone was focused around feature requests and suggestions that have come to us from the community. Usability improvements were made to the top left menu inside of the campaign view, and a lot of hard work was put into adding a “grid finder” - a tool that can be used to dynamically size the map’s grid - or turn it off completely.

Another feature that got significant development work was to add a set of macro buttons accessible to the user that can send saved chat messages/commands.

Finally, we added a “LFG” (Looking For Game) channel to our Discord, as per your (our community’s) request!

The Next Milestone

The major features that are planned for the next milestone are to release the features that were mentioned above - the grid finder and macro buttons functionality. The other major goal we have for March is to unveil our Kickstarter campaign. We are also planning to add a new blog section and game play videos to our website for players to have a better taste of what they are supporting.

Sleepout for Charity

Some of the Mythic Table Team slept outside to raise funds and awareness for youth experiencing homelessness for the charity Covenant House BC. Our Team ended up raising $2,741! Overall $232,337.87 was raised by 90 participants and the funds went to

Here are just a few shots from our night!

Sleepout Images 1 Group Zoom Call About Sleepout Sleepout Images 1


You can find the latest financial reports here:


We’re doing our best to continue making Mythic Table the best way to role play with your friends online, and we always appreciate it when you share our story. Please stay tuned for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign!

Thank you so much for your faith in us!!

James Hatheway
Co-founder/Director Mythic Table Foundation

February 28, 2021